Hi, my name is Daniel Ahn and I’m a Software Engineer in Los Angeles, CA. I’m a Christ follower and I enjoy things like watching movies, riding roller coasters and biking around on a breezy day. I appreciate beautiful design, capturing commercials, and gadgets too.

I enjoy front end development with React, HTML, CSS/Sass/Less, JavaScript/jQuery/Ext.js, etc.

This site serves to keep some of my works, aspirations, and my thoughts, but would love to get to know you in person 🙂


I graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial & Operations Engineering, along with an international minor and a program in entrepreneurship. I’ve also had a chance to study abroad in Germany at the Technical University of Berlin for a Summer.

Bucket List

This is a growing list of things I would like to accomplish in my lifetime, in no particular order:

  • Live this life to glorify Jesus Christ
  • Go skydiving
  • Raise a loving family with kid(s)
  • Make a mobile app
  • Start a social venture
  • Work for a startup company
  • Work for an established company
  • Learn to play guitar
  • Go on a long distance bike tour
  • Learn to drive manual
  • Pay for a stranger’s meal
  • Setup a home movie theater
  • Read 100 books from beginning to the end
  • Own both Android and iPhone
  • Save up and buy a car
  • Throw a boomerang that comes back
  • Whistle well enough
  • Get lasik
  • Knock down a costume person
  • Go bungee jumping
  • Start a Kickstarter project
  • Build a computer
  • Learn basic sign language
  • Hang gliding from a mountain
  • Design an album cover for an artist