Snapbox! is an educational learning kit that captures a snapshot of many professions.

This product was born out of a social entrepreneurship class, where our group came up with Snapbox to bring education in a fun and interactive way for many children who lack role models. While it’s not feasible to replace education with a single product, Snapbox brings a “snapshot” of many professions available today and gives a glimpse of what it’s like through hands on activities. Having tested at a local community center, it was such a joyful and heartwarming privilege to see many children wanting to try out Snapbox!

While I would’ve proposed for a web-based learning tool, we’ve learned that not everyone had computers readily available to them. That’s how Snapbox came about. My team did not move forward after creating a prototype because of our other commitments, but I still have a desire to pursue this in the future!

Prototype of the Snapbox! [Detective Edition]

First trial of the product at Bryant Community Center