Seelio is an educational service that delivers a greater value to students through the use of rich, multimedia online portfolios.

While the startup originally started as truApp, I had the privilege to be part of the company’s growth as it turned into Seelio (See + Portfolio). After an internship with them one Summer, I joined them again a year later as the company grew and was going through a rebranding. In order to meet the deadline to launch the product before a school semester would begin, my team and I spent many sleepless nights working on Seelio.

As a front-end developer, my main role was to come up with user interface with other designers and converting mockups into usable HTML mockups using Jade and Stylus. Due to the nature of a startup, I got to play many roles and was also able to conduct user testings, create wireframes, and have a voice in business side of the company too.

Never did I think I would stay up until 2 AM at the office designing the logo with the team, but I felt the ownership of the company as the team worked hard together and spent night and days constantly working together. It’s nice to see that Seelio is doing well still, and it will always be an unforgettable experience that I’ll cherish.

Main landing page of Seelio (Beta stage)

Seelio’s first promo video

Logo Ideas for Seelio

Main Logo & Slogan

Discover page where you can browse works

Example of People page

Example of a profile

Process of adding a new work

Latest iteration of truApp before transitioning to Seelio